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LR89thumbIn 2005 when I was working on my doctorate I thought the perfect gift for myself for completing a dissertation would be a hoshen made out of the Case Western Reserve University logo. It would represent my two greatest professional accomplishments: completing a doctorate in nursing and consulting for the Israeli Ministry of Health which has connected me with the Hebrew Roots of Christianity movement. The piece ultimately would be a witnessing tool for me to help other Christians who are seeking to know more about the roots of our faith and have a sense that there is more to our religion than we can get from the Greek New Testament! I then thought immediately of Ron Meier as the jeweler who could best design and bring this piece of jewelry to completion! I called Ron and we started discussing the project and I knew it was going to be very expensive, but represented an investment at many levels. I shared the drawing with my husband and sons. When it came close to graduation in May, 2006 my husband had my son circulate an email to all the members of my immediate family and see if anyone was interested in contributing toward the ‘project’. Well, a very well-meaning, but extremely ‘tight’ brother in Green Bay said “sure, I’ll kick in $25”. I knew then that the project would never reach completion because of financial restrictions. Then, to my extreme surprise and wonderment, on December 19, 2007-our 37th wedding anniversary my husband presented me with this phenomenal piece of jewelry. He had wrapped it inside 6 other boxes and bags and gave it to me at the Davenport hotel where we have spent our anniversary since the Davenport was re-opened. We always stay on the penthouse floor and really splurge. We go to town around noon, check in, go to the mall, have lunch at Twigg’s, shop and then get ready for dinner. After dinner we always take a good bottle of wine to the mezzanine level and drink it and watch people and wander around looking at the displays and photos or dancing if there was music playing. During the day he had distributed little cards to various people such as a waiter, bar tender, stranger walking along the street. The cards would say things like, “Just to let you know I love you”. He was really setting the stage for something big! On one of the little cards he had even given me a facial at 4 that afternoon at Salon Paradiso. After dinner when we were drinking our wine and walking around the mezzanine, I was dragging behind reading a picture and when I joined my husband he was talking with 5 women. One of them gave me a little card that said “I’m sorry I forgot your present and card”. I was confused because I said if he had forgotten it how would he know to write the card? He excused himself and went up to our room, I chatted with the women and they went down to the lobby. He came back with this big box which I started unwrapping. When I finally got to the small jewelry box I was so excited wondering what it would be. When I opened it I was literally speechless and was gasping for breath. I even started coughing I was so short of breath! He told me he had decided at graduation that he would start saving for the necklace and he did! It was all paid for! To top it off, he had saved Ron’s email and telephoned him and set it up and even went all the way to the Valley to get it! This is from a person who never drives south of Francis Street!!!!! Needless to say, there could never possibly be a more perfect gift from a more perfect husband.