Custom Jewelry Design in Spokane, Washington
Phone: 509-927-8808


How do I begin?

It all begins with a colored sketch. We begin the moment you contact us either by phone, mail or email. Your design may be an idea of your own from a picture or a rough sketch. You don’t have to be an artist. We will begin with what you give us. We also will help you come up with the design if you are not sure of where to begin. During the creation of your custom designed jewelry we will exchange photos, sketches and emails to make sure the finished piece is exactly what you have in mind.
Can I see the wax design before you cast it?

Certainly. We will send the wax design to you to view before we proceed. At this point minor changes and alterations can easily be made. A 200.00 non-refundable deposit is required before we send the wax model. Once the wax is approved and we proceed, we will include your deposit in the overall cost of your piece.
How do I pay?

One half of the total price is due at the beginning of the project. Upon completion, the remaining balance is required before shipping. We accept personal checks (10 days to clear), money orders, or wire transfers.
How long does it take to have a piece made?

Generally it will be about 4 to 6 weeks. We will try to accommodate your time frame as much as possible.
Do you guarantee your work?

We certainly do! With over 32 years experience you can be assured of the highest quality of craftsmanship. Although we cannot guarantee against accidental damage or loss we do guarantee all our workmanship.
Do you redesign using my old jewelry?

We only recast using some items of yellow gold. White gold, silver or platinum all have scrap value that can be applied to the piece being designed. Most of your precious gems and diamonds can be considered for your new piece.